StoredSafe develops and maintains some Opensource code projects at GitHub, which can be used as reference when coding.

Currently the following projects has been published:

  • tokenhandler logins and aquires a token used for subsequent REST API calls to a StoredSafe instance.
  • storedsafe-python Transparent Python wrapper for the StoredSafe REST-like API.
  • storedsafe-ruby Transparent Ruby wrapper for the StoredSafe REST-like API.
  • x509-vacuumer locates, retrieves and stores X.509 certificates in StoredSafe.
  • csv-importer assists in importing objects via CSV files to StoredSafe.
  • ssh-storedsafe let’s a user login to a remote server using SSH after obtaining the required credentials (password) from StoredSafe.
  • ansible-storedsafe is a lookup module for information stored in StoredSafe.
  • vault-storedsafe-client is an ansible vault password client script helper when using ansible-vault to encrypt playbooks or variables.
  • hiera-storedsafe is a Hiera backend to retrieve secrets from Password StoredSafe