TLS Settings

This menu only relates to AD or LDAP if that is used as backend, basically it allows you to view, enable or disable TLS as transport protection for the ldap-bind.

  • Standard ldap-bind is done over port 389/TCP
  • Keep in mind that the AD/LDAP needs to be able to present a certificate on port 636/TCP if TLS is enabled.
│               LDAP TLS/SSL on xx (Version 2.x.x build xxxx)                │

│1│Show AD/LDAP TLS/SSL Settings                                             │
│2│Enable AD/LDAP TLS/SSL                                                    │
│3│Disable AD/LDAP TLS/SSL                                                   │

Move the cursor or enter a it's corresponding number (Q to Quit)

Main> Modules> Radius> Settings> TLS>