User Management

In User Management you can examine users and vaults, replace a lost youbikey, set the password policies for users logging in and manage key escrow settings.

  • Manage StoredSafe Users and Vaults (List users & vaults, Replace a lost Yubikey)
  • Password policy for user login passphrases
  • Everything needed for Key Escrow (Creating Key Escrow users, Performing Key Escrow)
  • Undeleting Vaults or Objects
  • Recover Disk Space
  • Search the Audit Log
│          User Management on node1 (Version 2.x.x build xxxx)               │

│1│User information                                                          │
│2│Vault information                                                         │
│3│Replace a lost Yubikey for a user                                         │
│4│Password policy for user login passphrases                                │
│5│Key Escrow Management                                                     │
│6│Undelete Deleted Vaults or Objects                                        │
│7│Recover Disk Space                                                        │
│8│Search the Audit Log                                                      │

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