Enable a disabled Key Escrow User

A disabled Key Escrow user can be re-enabled at any time. after re-enabling, the Key Escrow User will function as before being disabled; however, any new vaults added when the Key Escrow was disabled and will not be recoverable by this Key Escrow user.


What Key Escrow User should be RE-ENABLED?

  1. User: “escrow4@stored.safe” (UID: 165507759456004K3a8ML), Name: “StoredSafe Escrow #4”

Select either by using Index Number or by the unique User-ID. Default is <User-ID>. Index # or User-ID of User? (Q to quit, L to list) <165507759456004K3a8ML>: 1 [Using index: “1”]

Login: escrow4@stored.safe User-ID (UID): 165507759456004K3a8ML Fullname: StoredSafe Escrow #4 Email: escrow4@stored.safe Yubikey clientid: YxTjkGahWTXJ PGP Fingerprint: 93AE4BD7588BC1DC959D7848AD4F2FA94F3DB99A Capabilities: 512 (DISABLED Escrow user)

INFO: Key Escrow user, list all vaults? (Might be excessive) (y/<N>): n RE-ENABLE the Key Escrow User “StoredSafe Escrow #4” (UID: 165507759456004K3a8ML) (<Y>/n): y INFO: The Key Escrow User “StoredSafe Escrow #4” (UID: 165507759456004K3a8ML) has been ENABLED.

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