The provisioning submenu is mainly used at system installation.

System features needed to provision (install) a newly deployed StoredSafe appliance.

  • Access the provisioning wizard
  • Change password on Service accounts
  • Generate new SSH host keys
  • Manage Web Server Settings (Review or install X.509 certificate)
  • Manage 2FA settings for Yubikeys and the YubiHSM
  • View or install System features
  • Enable or disable the system install script
│                Provisioning on node1 (Version 2.0.X build XXXX)            │

│1│Provisioning Wizard                                                       │
│2│Manage Service accounts                                                   │
│3│Generate new SSH host keys                                                │
│4│Manage Web Server Settings                                                │
│5│Manage 2-factor settings                                                  │
│6│Manage System features                                                    │
│7│Enable or Disable System install script                                   │
│8│StoredSafe License                                                        │

Move the cursor or enter a it's corresponding number (Q to Quit)

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