System Settings

System Settings have several sub menus to make it possible to configure various aspects of the StoredSafe appliance.

  • Network management (IPv4, IPv6 settings, DNS, SNMP, NTP, syslog, NIC settings, hostname of the appliance)
  • Web GUI settings (Timeout and MOTD)
  • Manage Backup settings (PGP and SSH keys, Backup configuration, Backup tests)
  • Storage Management (Manage USB disks, Examine available disk space)
  • Service Management (Web, NTP and SNMP)
  • Firmware Management (Install new firmware, select firmware to boot)
  • Database Maintenance (Check or repair a database)
  • Appliance Maintenance (View installed features, Audit filesystem, Reboot or Halt appliance)
│              System Settings on node1 (Version 2.0.X build XXXX)           │

│1│Network Settings                                                          │
│2│GUI Settings                                                              │
│3│Backup Management                                                         │
│4│Storage Management                                                        │
│5│Service Management                                                        │
│6│Firmware Management                                                       │
│7│Database Maintenance                                                      │
│8│Appliance Management                                                      │

Move the cursor or enter a it's corresponding number (Q to Quit)

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