Backup Management

Configure settings needed for backups

  • Manage the PGP keys used to encrypt the backups (Create, List and Export public key)
  • Manage the SSH keys used to authenticate the backup transfer (Create, List and Export public key)
  • Configure all aspects of the backup sub system (When to backup, Where to transfer backup, What PGP and SSH keys to use)
  • Perform backup tests (Manually invoke backup creation and transfer)
  • Perform a full system restore from a system backup
│                   Backup on node1 (Version 2.0.X build XXXX)               │

│1│Manage PGP and SSH key pairs used by the backup process                   │
│2│Backup settings (Complete step 1 first)                                   │
│3│Perform backup tests                                                      │
│4│Restore appliance                                                         │

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