Branding - Logotype CSS backgroundΒΆ

Configure CSS for the logotype background.

The logotype can be customized as well with the Branding - Logotype.

Branding - Logotype CSS background

You can change the CSS used to display the background for the logotype at the login screen.

Defaults to "background-color:transparent;"
Currently set to "background-color:transparent;"

Restore the default CSS for the logotype? (y/<N>):

Some examples on valid, but perhaps not pretty, CSS:

"background-color:transparent;" - Transparent background.
"background-color:white;" - White background.
"background-color:transparent;border:4px solid red;" - Red border.

Set CSS to? (Q to Quit) <background-color:transparent;>: background-color:white;

Save changes? (<Y>/n):

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