Branding - LogotypeΒΆ

Replace the WebUI logotype or restore the original logotype.


The new logotype needs to be in PNG format and preferably with a transparent background.

The CSS code for the logotype can be customized as well with the Branding - Logotype CSS background.

Branding - Logotype

You can change the logotype displayed at the login screen, it defaults to
the StoredSafe logo.

Supported formats are: PNG

Restore the original StoredSafe logo? (y/<N>):
Search for a USB disk? (<Y>/n): n
Ok, using the directory "/isodevice/var/transfer" instead.

Available files in /isodevice/var/transfer:


PNG file with logotype (Q to Quit) <xpd.png>:
Looks like a PNG image data, 1125 x 566, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced

Install new logotype? (<Y>/n):
Logotype changed successfully.

Press any key to continue