How to edit a users permissions in a vault

Anything stored in a vault can be arbitrary shared with other StoredSafe users on the same appliance, if you have the appropriate capability in the vault.


Click the “Vaultmembers” button to reveal the current members of the vault and click the “Edit” button next to the user which permission in the vault you wish to modify.


Select the appropriate permission for the user. A few hints are:

  • If the users only need to read information in the vault, they would only need the “Read” permission.

  • If the newly added users need to be able to add, update or delete objects in the vault, the right permission would be the “Write” permission.

  • If you would like to trust the newly added users to be able to share the vault to other StoredSafe users, the correct capability would be the “Admin” capability.

Refer to Vault Permissions for reference on the different permissions.

Finally click on “Save” to finalize the changes.