How to search for objects


Normally you will use the “Quicksearch” field to locate the objects you are looking for.


Use the search results

There is two methods to access sensitive encrypted information. One method decrypts and copies the information to the pastebuffer without revealing it and the second method decrypts the information and reveals it on screen.

Method One:

Click on the “copy-to-pastebuffer” icon to copy the sensitive information, without revealing it, to the paste buffer.

Method Two:

Click on the “Eye” icon to decrypt and show the encrypted information, click the “copy-to-pastebuffer” icon to select and copy the information to the paste buffer.

Now you can use a normal paste in the application which requires the sensitive information.


Search for tagged items

To search for a tagged item, prepend your search with the keyword tag: and the name of the tag. I.e. “tag:web